THE MOST ECONOMICAL STORM SHELTERS, BOMB SHELTERS AND SAFE ROOMS AVAILABLE.  Composed of specially trained engineers, architects, security specialist, project managers and scientists we are the most experienced Storm and Bomb Shelter company in America.

At TekTon Bunkers our fortified structures can range from a single safe room to a multi-building self-sustaining, defensible survival community. However, they are principally designed as our Client's private residence or VIP house. Simply stated, your home is now your castle!
In order to prepare for terrorist attacks, global warming, major disasters and other emergencies, it is impossible to maintain the highest level of preparedness for all possibilities all of the time. Given limited resources, managing the risk posed by major events is imperative. In an atmosphere of changing and evolving threats, resilience and preservation are the cornerstones and it is vital to build structures that will enable the Client to prevent, respond to and recover from a wide range of Major Threat Events.

We address these challenges by employing a Multi-Hazard Engineering methodology that not only recognizes individual hazards/threats sequentially but also address all hazards/threats simultaneously as a problem of optimization under constraints. The facility can be protected against a wide range of threats including forced entry/assaults, climate change, chemical/biological/radiological/explosive (CBRE) agents, air blast, ground shock, penetration, fragmentation and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading.

Along with the Client's particular living, function and storage requirements, the designs also incorporate active defense and manned and mechanical responses to reduce or limit the effectiveness of any given threat along with individual/family long term living requirements.

Fortified structures are special, and so are the people who choose them. At TekTon Bunkers confidentiality is paramount. We serve as our Client's agent, representing their best efforts by professionally and stealthily implementing a design/build program to meet any Threat Event.


Our shelters come standard as ‘All Hazard Shelters’.

Our standard shelters come complete with the following:

    • Shelter body and end plates
    • 48-inch diameter entrance, with 90 degree turn
    • 36-inch diameter exit, with 90 degree turn
    • Two hardened blast doors with locks
    • All needed 6” diameter schedule 40 steel air pipes 
    • Paint, (interior shelter body), (exterior epoxy on end plates)
    • Flooring with removable center panels (for access to storage),
    • Two ladders
    • AC and DC wiring with DC lighting fixtures (both fluorescent & mini-volt),
    • ANDAIR, VA150 ventilation system with both manual & power function
    • GF150 NBC gas filter,
    • Pre-filter system
    • Two blast valves
    • Two sets sleeping bunks with individual storage compartments
    • Two sets sitting bunks with individual storage compartments
    • Chemical toilet
    • Operations and maintenance instructions, (First Aid manual, Communications guidelines {Ham or amateur radio}, Life in the shelter)

    We can customize your shelter to include kitchen counter with sink, shelves,  bathroom sinks and additional bunks. 

    If you have questions, however, concerning shelter size, depth of cover and placement of your shelter, or if you wish to customize your shelter, please use the following information to help you in these decisions.

    Customization should be based on:

    • Your assessment of local threats 
    • Your installation and placement requirements
    • Your needs and wants

    For your convenience, a personal questionnaire follows this section.  Please feel free to email this questionnaire to us if you would like to have our evaluation of your design requirements, or just call us for a free consultation.