THE MOST ECONOMICAL STORM SHELTERS, BOMB SHELTERS AND SAFE ROOMS AVAILABLE. With Our Architects, security specialist, project managers and scientists, we are one the most Qualified Storm and Bomb Shelter companys in the World.

We specializes in manufacturing steel shelters because they offer very cost effective protection from the effects of nuclear weapons, as well as biological and chemical weapons (NBC).  That ordinary citizens can be so effectively protected to within 1/2 mile of a large yield nuclear explosion for about the cost of a new pickup truck is remarkable.  The concept is simple.  A steel cylinder of a usable size is outfitted with bulkheads, a deck, electrical system, ventilation system, and properly designed   entrances, and buried to a suitable depth to ensure proper earth arching and shielding.  If the wall thickness of the cylinder is thick enough, and the backfill is performed to industry specifications, such a structure will endure a nuclear shock that would destroy all above ground buildings within a 5 mile radius of the blast.

Corrugated steel shelters were tested and proven at the Nevada test site to blast pressures of 200 psi. In order to achieve protection to that level, the shelter must have an arched ceiling and the dirt cover over the shelter chamber must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the shelter.   At this depth, ‘earth arching’ is achieved.  Care must be taken to properly match the gauge of the steel to the shelter diameter.   We design all shelters to this protection level.  Eight-foot shelters are built of the proper gauge to be placed into a 16-foot hole and to safely withstand the burden of 8 feet of dirt cover plus the additional overpressure of 200 pounds per square inch of air blast.  Nine-foot shelters can safely be installed into an 18-foot hole.  Ten-foot shelters are designed to be placed into a 20-foot hole with 10 feet of cover.  Flat roofed steel shelters will not withstand these heavy burdens.   They will fail catastrophically under these overpressure loads.


Shelter Ventiliation and Filtration

Tekton Bunkers has selected the ANDAIR line of air handling systems (also known as LUWA).  These proven shelter components are found in high quality shelters worldwide and are recognized as THE premier supplier of shelter technology.  Andair AG produces their products in their own factory in Andelfingen, Switzerland following the rigid specifications established by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense and, the Swiss Defense Technology and Procurement Agency.

Ventilation systems are available for shelters of all sizes for occupancy from 7 to 2,000 persons.  Of course, multiple units can be installed in a single shelter facility to meet any capacity requirement (some hardened shelters in Switzerland can handle more than twenty thousand people).  All Andair AG air handling units are capable of both electric and manual operation and are hardened against the effects of nuclear EMP.   Test samples are subjected to 16 g’s in all six directions to assure ruggedness; paint, metals and rubber hoses are tested against all war gasses; and the HEPA and charcoal filters are tested with a highly technical process to assure the proper volumes and densities needed to filter and absorb all known war gasses. 

Our most popular model, the VA-150, comes standard with a 1 bar (15 psi) explosion protection valve/pre-filter assembly, air pump, exhaust over-pressure explosion protection valve, hoses, clamps, and GF150 Gas Filter.  In peacetime, the system bypasses the gas filter and delivers 177 cubic feet per minute (cfm).  With the gas filter connected, the recommended air rate is 88 cfm to allow for complete scrubbing of the outside air.



Complete Shelter Prices

(Other sizes available upon request)


8 x 32  - $42,950  

8 x 40   - $45,330  

8 x 50   - $48,300 


9 x 32   - $47,650 

9 x 40   - $50,500

9 x 50   - $53,800  


10 x 32 – $48,950   

10 x 40 – $51,960 

10 x 50 - $55,600  

Complete Shelter Includes: One 36-inch diameter entrance with 90 degree turn and horizontal and vertical runs; one 48 inch diameter entrance with 90 degree turn and horizontal and vertical runs; two hardened blast doors; 6-inch diameter steel intake and exhaust air-vents to surface, with goose neck turn at top; two ladders; complete floor system with removable center panels; AC & DC wiring system with DC light fixtures; ANDAIR VA 150 air ventilation and filtration unit (177 cfm unfiltered & 88 cfm filtered); end plates painted with epoxy rust inhibitor; white on inside surface of shelter body.